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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


The most common questions about pet (cat or dog) travel and flight are briefly listed below. If you do not find questions and answers you are looking for simply send your enquiry directly to us.

How much will you charge me for shipping my pet?

Each move is unique and costs can vary significantly from move to move. The first step is to complete & return one of our “Pet Export Enquiries Forms” together with your pet details so that we have the basic information needed to begin the process enabling us to provide a speedy quote by return. One form per pet works well.

How much advance notice do you need?

The minimum time required to plan and process your pet’s move is usually 10 – 14 days but again varies considerably depending on destination and preparedness for your pet to travel. Be aware there can be weather and arrival time restrictions in place at your chosen destination airport which may mean a desired travel schedule will have to be modified.

Can I arrange to prepare & fly my pet myself?

Anyone can arrange to fly a pet if he or she has all the information, time & experience to do so. The problem we find is that most people don’t and this is where we can assist. The experience, knowledge & resources developed by our staff over many pet relocation years enables us to confidently arrange and complete all processes needed to fly your pet to your requested destination. We are well equipped to deal with the many varied factors related to your pet travel plans.

Does my pet need a microchip?

Bahrain will record a pet’s microchip at time of departure. The country of destination may require your pet to have a microchip. We strongly recommend having your pet chipped with an ISO Standard microchip prior to departure.

What are the conditions in the pet cargo hold?

The pet travel hold on all airplanes we use is pressurized and climate controlled providing comfortable conditions similar to those in the passenger cabin. The pet hold is a designated area, with no people to disturb them, and it even has soft lighting too. Pets will simply curl up and go to sleep after the excitement of boarding.

Can my pet eat during the flight?

It’s best if your pet does not eat during flight. A hungry pet tends to travel as a clean pet. It is preferable not to feed your pet for up to 6 hours before flight and to also include some outside exercise too. Pets should be able to drink during the flight and due to ambient temperatures here we generally provide large containers initially filled with crushed ice.

Should my pet be sedated before flight?

NO! It is a commonly held myth that pets should be tranquilized before a flight. Not only is it dangerous for the pet, as sedation will lower blood pressure, sedation could also possibly render the pet defenseless should there be need to clear an airway. Also be aware that a sedated cat or dog may be prevented from boarding the flight and may only do so under written Veterinary advice.